Who we are and what we do…

We will cover many different aspects of your wedding day, whether it be church music, pre- wedding reception or music during your meal.

Ama Deus will entertain your guests from their vast repertoire of songs and music up to half an hour before the Bride arrives. Amadeus have music & singing for each section of your wedding.

♥  Prelude & Entrance   ♥  Responsorial Psalm & Offertory  ♥ Parts of the mass sung, Alleluia, Holy holy, Acclamation, Amen ♥ Lighting of the Candles & Sign of Peace  ♥  Communion  ♥  Signing of the Register and the Recessional

Theresa Larkin:  Piano, Silver – Flute, Low Whistle, Vocals Kathleen Costello:  Violin and Guitar Sheelagh Chadwick:  Vocalist

Amadeus Music are professional and experienced wedding singers for church and civil wedding ceremonies. We are well known wedding singers who play wedding music that will captivate & transform any wedding. Let Amadeus Music wedding singers create a special music experience for your wedding.