Church Wedding Tipperary

God’s love is very concrete. It is experienced in a very particular way in human love, especially in the love relationship of marriage. There is a sense in which genuine love is beyond what words can say. A couple’s love for each other is the embodiment of God’s love. In other words, married love is an outward sign, a concrete image of God’s love: this is why the Church uses the word ‘sacrament’ in relation to marriage. The ebb and flow of the divine-human relationship is most deeply reflected in the human love relationship, especially the marriage bond. God reaches out and touches us through the love of others and Christians believe that the risen Jesus is at the heart of all love. There is nothing magical or esoteric about the word ‘sacrament’. It is really a way of naming a divine-human reality in religious language. The giving and receiving of human love is in essence the giving and receiving of God’s love. This is what we mean when we say that the couple being married confer the sacrament on each other, or celebrate their unconditional love promise as sacrament. This is the nature of the love that is celebrated in the marriage ceremony. The couple’s natural love is graced in a new way. Their relationship is enhanced through the sacramental presence of the risen Lord for the duration of their human journey.